Support and security for healthcare data.

Advertek systems are designed to provide optimal workflows and data availability to meet user's objectives. However, if questions arise or assistance is needed, Advertek is there to help. The Advertek support team is available to help users get familiar with system features, assure system responsiveness, help with data edits, and provide other system related assistance to assure users are getting what they need.

Advertek systems are hosted and maintained within a stable, highly secure, compliant environment.

At the infrastructure level, Advertek systems are monitored 24/7/365 and include network redundancy for data availability, multi-level access controls, internal and external video monitoring, fire protection, and disaster and environmental controls. In addition, all system data is backed-up on a daily basis.

At the application level, absolute data security capability is a primary design criteria at every stage of application development. To achieve maximum data security without compromising efficient functionality and ease of use, the framework of Adverek's systems are structured to accommodate access controls such as assigned user roles, unique user login credentials and timed inactive user auto-logout. Advertek systems also incorporate multi-level encryption techniques to guard protected health information.

If we could help, don't hesitate to contact the Advertek support team at: support@advertek.net or 502-671-1007.