Healthcare data systems are our heritage.

Advertek began designing and implementing custom healthcare data management systems before the turn of the millennium. Among them are mobile and cloud-based applications for the management of patient outcomes data, medical charge capture, as well as health resource center management and disease prevention.

Since the founding of Advertek in 1999, our development experience has been focused within the realm of critically high security and accuracy requirements inherent in healthcare data management. We work closely with our customers and familiarize ourselves with the ins and outs of their goals and functions so that the development process is efficient and effective. Most importantly, we make sure our customers end up with a solution that serves them well—not just something that merely "works." We've learned the art and science of designing intelligent healthcare data collection, management and communication. From the very first preliminary meeting where we outline the scope and identify the key elements of a client's needs, to process optimization planning, development, data security, hosting and training through support for our customers, our experience in healthcare data management shines.

The results we've achieved for people who's time is very valuable speak louder than we do of the value we have instilled in every application. Our client base consists mainly of long-term customers who've come to depend on us to deliver superior, reliable, secure healthcare data management solutions of measurable value. Contact us to find out how we can serve you with creative vision, scientific precision, practical implementation, and perfect appropriateness.

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